lunes, 3 de octubre de 2016

Several Christmas Markets in UK in 2016

Now the magic season is getting closer I would want to suggest you several attractions taking place from November to December 2016 in UK, just in case you are planning to go to England for Christmas (with or without your family, in both cases it worths a visit).
1.- York Christmas Market (from mid November until Christmas). lots of events on offer. Including St. Nicholas Fair, with plenty of food, starting with the pig Venison, which shares table with ostrich and kangaroo meat. Would will also find plenty of folk in Victorian dresses and carol singers all along.

2.- Birmingham Frankfurt Christmas Market (12 November – 29 December). A Craft Market will take place selling handmade stuff (ironwork, woodwork and soaps, these ones organic). The city of Birmingham is the venue for the largest Christmas market in Europe, outside German and Austria, so please save plenty of time to give your visit a chance.

3.- Bath Christmas Market (24 November-11 December): Located in the streets around and near Bath Abbey, with wooden chalets (up to 170) with a huge range of different goodies. We recommend the famous “Bollywood Christmas” as this is why Bath Market is known for with lots of Indian stuff.

4.- Derbyshire and Chatsworth in Christmas’ time (5 November – 3 January). Every year Chatsworth House is transformed with a different performance so that you are really transported into a magical world. Other themes for these yearly appointment have been, for example,  “Alice in wonderland”. But that is only the beginning. There are many other entertainment activities such as gourmet evenings, floral workshops, nativity performances, all of them with an enthusiastic spirit of festivity.

5.- Christmas market in Leeds Castle (every weekend in December up to Christmas). A must, without doubt. Filled with Christmas trees, lights, pine trees all decorated for the occasion, an unforgettable Christmas time.

6.- Winter Wonderland in London (November - January). It worths a trip to London to visit the festival in Hyde Park. Admission free with wooden chalets offering you everything you may desire or dream of (music, bars, circus, rides and games, tasty food and a Bavarian barn too. Don't you think you deserve it?, don't miss it!